Current bid: $235

Current bid: $235
Red 1 - Oil on canvas - M.Dehareng
Hi folks, #

My name is Renaud Dehareng and I come from Brussels, Belgium.

I set up Growingbuzz after thinking of ideas to promote my brother's artwork and test out theories of online advertising.

I love creating original, innovative and powerful methods to promote websites on the web. It's why I have imagined Growingbuzz , a new kind of viral concept. In general, people like what is uncommon and very strange... so, this project can be a good example of what is made on Internet (in this category).

The concept is simple: Growingbuzz is a Twitter account where advertisers determine by themselves how much they are willing to pay to increase the value of the future "most famous painting in internet history".

Art patrons place bids that must be higher than the previous ones. Each time an advertiser outbids the last highest bid, he wins the right to advertise via a tweet (important notice: his logo will be uploaded as profile picture before tweeting).
And the virtuous cycle continuous...

Feel free to contact me at for the details.


Renaud Dehareng

NB: If we get 100,000 followers, we will follow one of them at random.